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het·er·og·e·nous 1

 (hĕt′ə-rŏj′ə-nəs) also het·er·o·gen·ic (-rō-jĕn′ĭk)
Not arising within the body; derived from another individual or species: a heterogenous bone transplant.

het′er·og′e·ny n.

het·er·og·e·nous 2

Variant of heterogeneous..


the condition or state of being heterogenous
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54) Charles Darwin, "The Doctrine of Heterogeny and Modification of Species," Athenaeum 1852 (April 25, 1863): 555.
Yet, we do well to remember that not all traumas are created equally and that even within the context of those "heterogenous elements" of which Solomon and Huang speak in their warning about essentializing the idea of "Asia," there is interesting heterogeny.
Carbonate bedrock matrix heterogeny is often considered problematic in lithologic control.