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Characterized by the alternation of sexual and parthenogenic generations.

het′er·og′o·ny n.


(ˌhɛt əˈrɒg ə nəs)

1. of or pertaining to monoclinous flowers of two or more kinds occurring on different individuals of the same species, the kinds differing in the relative length of stamens and pistils.
2. of, pertaining to, or characterized by heterogony.
het`er•og′o•nous•ly, adv.
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It is clear that the alumina is heterogonous in terms of mechanical properties through the oxide cross section.
At Masaryk University he designed Ontology model to integrate the heterogonous databases of building technology and structured information of physical building.
It had a moderate heterogonous enhancement contrast and compressed the adjacent sigmoid tube.
Although there were no differences between the groups, probably due to the small number of participants and the heterogonous distribution of the groups (a limitation of this study) the significant decrease (between PRE and POST) found in the TT in both Cr supplemented groups is probably due to the synergistic effects of caffeine plus Cr.
s (2013) study, we suggest that ethnically heterogonous interaction spaces, which influence interethnic tie formation because they structure interaction patterns, may be particularly important.
Prior studies have recognized the importance of external institutional pressure in influencing organizational strategic choices (DiMaggio and Powell 1983); however scholars have tended to overlook the heterogonous degree of responses of the firms subject to such pressure.
This observational and quasi experimental pragmatic study can give more meaningful insight how to handle this condition in real life (because RCT findings are difficult in applying to the heterogonous patients with psychotic and physical co-morbidities.
31,41-43) Possible reasons for such discrepancy might be heterogonous cohorts regarding virological status and NC performance, HCV co-infection, and intravenous drug use among examined patients.
While the complexities of offering product-service systems to heterogonous global markets remain problematic, applying specific tactics to meet particular challenges allowed the manufacturing companies in our sample to build robust global service innovation capabilities.
001), indicating that the more heterogonous a person's friendship network, the more likely that person would be to use the Internet for entertainment.
The dominant research approaches in the field have emerged from different theoretical paradigms (Hedman & Kalling 2003; Yen & Bakken 2012) and heterogonous environments, often yielding contextually diverse classifications of fundamental BM components.