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1. Having different forms at different periods of the life cycle, as in stages of insect metamorphosis.
2. Differing from the standard form in size or structure: heteromorphic chromosome pairs.

het′er·o·mor′phism n.


(ˌhɛtərəʊˈmɔːfɪk) or


1. (Biology) differing from the normal form in size, shape, and function
2. (Biology) (of pairs of homologous chromosomes) differing from each other in size or form
3. (Biology) (esp of insects) having different forms at different stages of the life cycle
ˌheteroˈmorphism, ˌheteroˈmorphy n


(ˌhɛt ər əˈmɔr fɪk)

1. Biol. dissimilar in shape, structure, or magnitude.
2. Entomol. undergoing complete metamorphosis; possessing varying forms.
het`er•o•mor′phism, het′er•o•mor`phy, n.
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The fire ant social chromosome thus offers a unique opportunity to gain novel insights on supergene evolution, evolution of heteromorphic chromosomes and the evolutionary transitions in social organisation.
Histopathologic analysis identified a few chondrocytes embedded in an abundant myxoid matrix and heteromorphic nuclei (figure 3).
Stomatochroon"s life history consists of an alternation of heteromorphic generations (Thompson and Wujek, 1997).
With over twenty years of experience and development under its belt, the company has become a specialized producer of rectangular forgings, heteromorphic sectional forgings and free forgings.
Dilla is a thick fiber of heteromorphic section with 16 dtex, and the nonwovens offer superior breath-ability and rigidness, while heat resistance and intensity are high.
The origin and differentiation of the heteromorphic sex chromosomes Z, W, X and Y in the frog Rana rugosa, inferred from the sequences of a sex-linked gene, ADP/ATP translocase.
Unusual structural variation in the fruit of Dasispermum suffruticosum (Apiaceae): a new record of heteromorphic fruits in the family.
Their role in the evolution of terrestrial life is pivotal, yet has attracted little attention as an explanation for phenomena as fundamental as the heteromorphic alternation of haploid and diploid generations and origin of arborescent form in land plants.
In this case, the drug becomes an external and heteromorphic substance that acts upon the adolescent's subjective intimate level in a positive or negative way.
No two blossoms flex alike or look the same: plain, spottedd, streaked, smeared thin, thin-walled, ox-corpuscled, splotched, poppy, godoetia, mint, effervescent, dressy, sun-embossed--altogether atypical, omnifarious, heteromorphic.
Steps in the evolution of heteromorphic sex chromosomes.
Raytheon will also continue development of a heteromorphic waveform able to quickly adapt its parameters and characteristics to the electromagnetic spectrum environment.