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n. pl. het·er·os Informal
A heterosexual person.

het′er·o adj.


n, adj, pl -os
(Biology) short for heterosexual


(ˈhɛt əˌroʊ)

adj., n., pl. -er•os. adj.
1. heterosexual.
2. a heterosexual person.
[1930–35; by shortening; see -o]


a combining form meaning “different,” “other”: heterocyclic.
Also, esp. before a vowel,heter-.
[< Greek, comb. form of héteros the other of two, other, different]


n (inf)Hetero m (inf), → Heterosexuelle(r) mf
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In a classic handbags-at-dawn scrap, the heteros are taking on the homos ahead of the Out In The City/ g3 awards on April 25.
Of course we feed into the whole betrayal process by playing the hurt party, partly because we're extra-sensitive to rejection, and partly because we need icons' approval more than heteros, so when it's withdrawn it's extremely painful.
Whether we're thinking about homos or heteros, we tend to think about couples and to see the romantic couple as the central unit in the system of sexuality.
heteros que nao acham que assumir seus sentimentos seja coisa de gay ou apenas de mulher.
Ce desir de representation anime differents groupes, comme Amazone, compose uniquement de femmes, ou Kiss (Karukera International Stars System) partage par les gays, lesbiennes et heteros.
Seniausia draugo kaip heteros autos, kurio lotyniska versija yra alter ego, formuluote tik tuomet igyja savo jega, kai kitybe (Alteritat) apmastoma kaip antrininkumo rusis, kaip mano konfrontacija su savimi kitame su visu tuo kraupumu, kuris slypi siame perdavime Beveik-paciam.
119) Ironically, he also warned that "spats and blow-ups are inherent in any marriage, and heteros have divorce laws .
Then some lesbians and gays, like sterile heteros who adopt, should be deemed married.
Saturday artists include Crib Slut, Jess Coble, Chefkirk, Instagon, Cerebral Roil, UFO as Bacteria, Klowd, Kawaiietly Please, White Heteros, Leporiadae, WARNING BROKEN MACHINE and the Sunken with IDX1274.
The percentage of good people and bad people is much the same among homos as among heteros, and I think most people have come to accept the fact that what consenting adults do in private is their own affair.
Most heteros have had a dabble at one time or another anyway," Wayne said.