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Discrimination or prejudice against lesbians, gay men, or bisexuals by heterosexual people.

het′er·o·sex′ist adj. & n.
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(Sociology) discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, practised by heterosexuals against homosexuals
ˌheteroˈsexist adj, n
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(ˌhɛt ər əˈsɛk sɪz əm)

a prejudiced attitude or discriminatory practices against homosexuals by heterosexuals.
het`er•o•sex′ist, n., adj.
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Noun1.heterosexism - discrimination in favor of heterosexual and against homosexual people
discrimination, favoritism, favouritism - unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice
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nHeterosexismus m
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That is, organizational climate for heterosexism (i.e., the willingness of a workplace to take action against heterosexism) was negatively predictive of stigmatization salience and positively predictive of workplace outness, and stigmatization salience was negatively predictive of workplace outness.
Their recommendations for addressing the homophobia and heterosexism embedded in school cultures should be mandatory reading for all teachers and parents, queer or straight.
The coercion of heterosexism points toward a failure to comprehend, and hence, to fear the varieties of human sexualityC.
This part of the cross-analysis involved placing the data into one of three frequency categories: general, representing when responses were made by all or all but one of the study participants and encompassing reactions to racism, heterosexism/homophobia, and ableism; typical, representing when responses were made by more than half but not all study participants and applying to reactions related to racism, heterosexism/homophobia, and ableism; and variant, representing when responses were made by at least 2 or more study participants, but covering reactions related to heterosexism or racism only (as cited in Hill et al., 2005).
This silence and/or omission is characteristic of heterosexism, which is pervasive throughout the United States.
It also wants to promote equal rights for sexual minorities, such as homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals; the Charter wants acceptance of their identity, their right to wed and their right to create a family, while combating homophobia and heterosexism.
In his concluding chapter, On Teaching Audre Lorde and Marion Riggs, Lemons shin-ply brings into view issues of heterosexism and homophobia.
The heterosexism and lies behind Proposition 8 affected and continue to affect all of us.
Have a conversation in your branch, perhaps about the meaning of heterosexism and homophobia.
From this background, Maguire launches into an exploration of sexism and "its soul mate, heterosexism."
People who exhibit heterosexism hold the belief that heterosexuality is superior to homosexuality and produces prejudice and discrimination against homosexuals and bisexuals.
Open Clasp company development manager Roma Yagnik said: "This play is a must-see, not only because it is a funny, touching and thoroughly entertaining show, but because it shows the real impact of homophobia, heterosexism, homophobic bullying and same sex domestic violence to audiences who may have no experience of the issues, as well as giving validation to those who have.