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[Late Greek heterōsis, alteration, alteration of Greek heteroiōsis, from heteroioun, to alter, from heteroios, different in kind, from heteros, other; see hetero-.]

het′er·ot′ic (-rŏt′ĭk) adj.
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(Biology) biology another name for hybrid vigour
[C19: from Late Greek: alteration, from Greek heteroioun to alter, from heteros other, different]
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(ˌhɛt əˈroʊ sɪs)

the increase in growth, size, yield, or other characters in hybrids over those of the parents.
[1910–15; < Late Greek hetérōsis an alteration. See hetero-, -osis]
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abnormal development, especially increased size, in plants or animals, usually as a result of cross-breeding.
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abnormal development, especially increased size, in plants or animals, usually as a result of crossbreeding.
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Noun1.heterosis - (genetics) the tendency of a crossbred organism to have qualities superior to those of either parent
tendency, inclination - a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect; "the alkaline inclination of the local waters"; "fabric with a tendency to shrink"
genetic science, genetics - the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
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In Cross A, 1000-seed weight revealed heterosis while in Cross B plant characters like 1000-seed weight, flag leaf area, harvest index and spike length showed heterosis (Mohamed 2014; Alla 2014).
Hence, the basic goal of sunflower breeding is the utilization of heterosis obtained by crossing potential lines and testers (Xu et al., 2012).
The objectives of this study were to estimate combining ability and heterosis of pearl millet inbred lines for downy mildew, yield, and other agronomic traits under downy mildew infested fields and identify superior pearl millet hybrids for yield, yield components, and resistance to downy mildew.
Heterosis from crossbreeding may result in attaining both high meat quality and growth performance of the animals.
Quantitatively, heterosis is measured by the difference between the value obtained in generation Ft and the mean value of the parents, being maximum in generation [F.sub.1] In diploid species, heterozygosis is expected to be reduced to half every self-fertilization generation due to endogamy (WRIGHT, 1950).
Heterosis, or hybrid vigor, refers to the superior performance of hybrids relative to their parents.