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6) These heterosocial events, held in New York in such prestigious venues as the Metropolitan Opera House, Madison Square Garden, and Carnegie Hall, often involved women working behind the scenes and in some cities, women themselves sponsored Purim Balls.
Portrayals of gay best friendship--here defined as the heterosocial relationship, often erotic but usually non-physical, that develops between a heterosexual, cis-gender woman and a homosexual or queer-identifying man--became an undeniable trend in mainstream Western film at the end of the twentieth century.
In their producing of homosocial conviviality and heterosocial play they also produce a utopia that is rooted in the present and is a 'realization of abundance out of scarcity and of fulfilled pleasure out of the partial, threatened, yet irreducible pleasures of the present' (Lloyd, 2011: 17).
Faculty in all programs should be encouraged to embrace a more expanded heterosocial admission and recruitment perspective in order to include more diverse student populations.
Indeed, many observers likely would have construed Caerellia's obtainment of this text as evidence of an unseemly relationship between the two, given the inherently problematic nature of heterosocial relations in Roman society.
Referencing the verses of the poem that highlight his resentment against his social class and the construction of bourgeois values through "el capitalismo de empresa familiar," Alvarez maintains that "A lo largo del poema la critica a la 'empresa familiar' y al sistema capitalista, es inseparable de la critica a la estructura heterosocial.
Heterosocial involvement, peer pressure for thinness, and body dissatisfaction among young adolescent girls.
The frequent social interactions between Iranians and Europeans not only draw Iranian men's attention to the tangible presence of women and the free heterosocial interaction in the Western world, but they also helped Iranians to realize the Europeans' condemnation of male-male sexual practice in Iranian society.
This author proposed five molar classes (Conversational, Heterosocial, Refusal Assertiveness, Commendatory Assertiveness, and Job Interview Skills) that have been confirmed by exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis carried out in the development of local instruments (EAS-U, Olaz, 2012).
The effect of dispositional empathy on romantic relationship behavior: Heterosocial anxiety as a moderating influence.
However, historians of sexuality often neglected non-white groups in studies of how urbanization and industrialization changed heterosocial cultures.
In North America commercial entertainment and urban-rural migrant-labor circulation fostered a variety of intensive, transitory, and flexible interracial encounters and relationships through homosocial bunking and boarding houses, opium dens, gambling houses, and restaurants and through heterosocial dating culture, including taxi-dance halls and the new urban amusements of cafes, cinemas, and arcades.