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 (hĕt′ər-ə-spôr′əs, hĕt′ə-rŏs′pər-əs)
Producing two types of spores differing in size and sex.

het′er·o·spo′ry n.
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Noun1.heterospory - the development of both microspores and megaspores
monogenesis, sporulation - asexual reproduction by the production and release of spores
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In spite of it, heterospory has appeared several times in plant evolution as in seed plants, some lineages of lycophytes (e.g.
The origins of heterospory: a comparative study of sexual behaviour in the fern Platyzoma microphyllum R.
For example, in the Gonyaulacales, heterospory led taxonomists to propose groups or species complexes (Dale, 1983; Lewis et al., 1999).