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(ˌhɛtərəʊˈtæksɪs) ,




(Anatomy) an abnormal or asymmetrical arrangement of parts, as of the organs of the body or the constituents of a rock
ˌheteroˈtactic, ˌheteroˈtactous, ˌheteroˈtaxic adj
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Both the left-handed L form (PLLA) and the right-handed D form (PDLA) have relatively low melting points, as do random (atactic) mixtures or alternating (heterotactic) mixtures of the two.
However, when NFE is used the materials are 70% syndiotactic and 30% heterotactic. These results show the strong dependence of tacticity with surfactant nature.
9), polar modified polymerizations of 1,3-butadiene allow for a wide range of heterotactic vinyl enchainment levels.