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[Late Greek heterōsis, alteration, alteration of Greek heteroiōsis, from heteroioun, to alter, from heteroios, different in kind, from heteros, other; see hetero-.]

het′er·ot′ic (-rŏt′ĭk) adj.
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(Biology) biology of or pertaining to heterosis
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Heritability estimates, specific combining ability, dominance effects and heterotic effects provide a reliable opportunity to develop hybrid varieties.
Witten, "Heterotic and Type I String Dynamics from Eleven Dimensions," Nuclear Physics B, vol.
Genome methylation level of the Larix kaempferi heterotic hybrids may play critical role in the formation of heterosis.
Higher magnitude of heterotic effects and superior hybrids can be developed by combining diverse parents.
In this realisation, the untwisted vector bosons corresponding to the sixteen-dimensional vector bundle of the heterotic string in ten dimensions generate an SO[(8).sup.4] gauge symmetry.
reported that accumulation of superior alleles with positive dominance is an important contributor to the heterotic phenomena [26].
An understanding of genetic relationships among inbred lines or pure lines can be particularly useful in planning crosses, in assigning lines to specific heterotic groups, and for precise identification with respect to plant varietal protection (Hallauer and Miranda, 1988).
This shows more heterotic potential in these three combinations.