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1. Occurring in an abnormal anatomic location: heterotopic bone formation.
2. Grafted or transplanted into an abnormal location: heterotopic liver transplantation.

het′er·o·to′pi·a (-tō′pē-ə) n.
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(ˌhɛtərəʊˈtəʊpɪə) or


(Pathology) abnormal displacement of a bodily organ or part
[C19: from New Latin, from hetero- + Greek topos place]
ˌheteroˈtopic, ˌheterˈotopous adj
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heterotopy, heterotopia, heterotopism

a condition in which normal tissue is misplaced, especially in the brain, so that masses of gray matter are found in the white matter. See also biology.. — heterotopous, adj.
See also: Brain
deviation from the normal ontogenetic sequence with regard to the placing of organs or other parts. Also heterotopism. See also brain. — heterotopous, adj.
See also: Biology
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The shortlisted writers for the Ateneo Art Awards 2019-Purita Kalaw-Ledesma Prizes in Art Criticism are: John Alexis Balaguer, for 'Everywhere is Here: The Museum as Heterotopia in Mark Lewis Higgins' Gold in Our Veins' (Ayala Museum); Janina Gwen Bautista, 'Nasaan ka na, Mara-bini?
To such stories, Michel Foucault's concept of heterotopia can be applied as a means of analysis and interpretation.
The youngster was born with the neurological disorder gray matter heterotopia which affects brain functions and causes Meghan seizures.
Nonneoplastic duodenal epithelial polyps include Brunner gland hyperplastic nodule/polyps (also known as Brunner gland hyperplasia), Brunner gland hamartomas, Brunner gland cysts, ectopic gastric mucosa, pancreatic heterotopia, hyperplastic polyps, inflammatory polyps, and hamartomatous polyps.
In recent years, a number of scholars have addressed the issue of the relationship between the notion of "heterotopia" and literary and filmic space.
They consider literature-outside-space: Foucault, Sade, and tales of terror; the living space of the image; inside comfort: the interior and the immune system, spacing the interior: the carceral body as heterotopia in contemporary Palestinian cinema; the politics of the hidden space: Georges Bataille and non-knowledge in the era of transparency; mirrors and masks: the political space of Zapatismo; and in the beginning all the world was America.
Nos varios textos e constante a distincao feita por Foucault entre utopia e heterotopia: "as utopias (nao lugares) consolam ...
(2,3) Type 2c associations classically present in childhood with seizures and developmental delay, and are associated with subcortical heterotopia.
Instead, his distinctive features have been captured on canvas by painter Ray Husband and hang on the wall at the Saabat Gallery as party of an exhibition called Heterotopia.
Glial heterotopia is a non-neoplastic, extracranial midline malformation.
Heterotopia means normal tissue at an abnormal site.
Immunohistochemically it was evaluated as glial heterotopia with (+) glial fibrillary acidic protein.