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heterotopy, heterotopia, heterotopism

a condition in which normal tissue is misplaced, especially in the brain, so that masses of gray matter are found in the white matter. See also biology.. — heterotopous, adj.
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deviation from the normal ontogenetic sequence with regard to the placing of organs or other parts. Also heterotopism. See also brain. — heterotopous, adj.
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B) Glial leptomeningeal heterotopy showing congestive blood vessels (arrowhead) and foci of glial heterotopia (arrows).
First of all, Lutetia's intrusion into the closed room puts an end to the narrative heterotopy.
IHC for GFAP (Glial fibrillary acidic protein) Report: GEAP--Focal cytoplasmic positivity, consider: Glial Heterotopy.
Presence of cortical tubers, their numbers and localization, if present, presence of subependimal nodule, astrocytoma, heterotopy and white matter involvement and other characteristics, if present were recorded.
Roles of synorganisation, zygomorphy and heterotopy in floral evolution: the gynostemium and labellum of orchids and other lilioid monocots.
Film-Cinema-Spectator: Film Reception is a substantial tome in every sense of the term, containing German translations of important pieces originally published in English, such as Annette Kuhn's essay on heterotopy (27-41), and Thomas Elsaesser's analysis of spectating practices in early cinema (137-58).
1), polymicrogria in occipital lobe and subcortical band type heterotopy in occipital again splenium agenesis of corpuscallosum (Fig.
We leave you with this thought: what might be revealed using RNA interference in terms of heterotopy with regard to adaptive evolutionary change?