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 (hĕt′ər-ə-trŏf′, -trōf′)
An organism that is dependent on complex organic substances for nutrition because it cannot synthesize its own food.

het′er·o·troph′ic adj.
het′er·o·troph′i·cal·ly adv.
het′er·ot′ro·phy (-ə-rŏt′rə-fē) n.


(Biology) the quality or condition of being heterotrophic
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Because juvenile nutrition is a balance between phototrophy and heterotrophy (Mingoa-Licuanan & Gomez 2007), in such a scenario, nutrition limitation occurs and clam growth will be affected adversely.
In that study, it was found that observed nitrification rates were somewhat lower than predicted maximum zero-order rates, perhaps due to either prediction or competition with heterotrophy for oxygen.
High frequency metabolism study in a large and shallow temperate lake revealed seasonal switching between net autotrophy and net heterotrophy.