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1. The formation of a heterozygote.
2. The condition of being a heterozygote.
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Gene transfer through conventional methods of genetic improvement is difficult, given the high degree of citrus heterozygosis (ROOSE, 1986).
The high level of genetic variation in the samples of walnut is due to the propagation through seeds, high heterozygosis and dichogamy (Aslantas, 2006; Germain, 2004).
GNAS (p.Q227L, n=1; p.Q227R, n=1 and p.R201C, n=9) somatic missense mutations were found in heterozygosis in 11/41 patients with somatotropinomas (27%) and in 1/21 (p.R201C) with NFPA (4.8%) (P=0.05).
The ApoE ?4 allele in both homozygosis and heterozygosis increases the risk of developing AD.[45] The ?4 allele is associated with a higher risk of atherosclerosis and higher plasma levels of total cholesterol and LDL-C.[34] In addition, several other genes involved in cholesterol metabolism have been reported to be associated with AD including adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette subfamily A member 7,[46] clusterin, and sortilin-related receptor (SORL1).[34]
RET was found mutated in heterozygosis in two other tumors: a novel exon 11 nonframeshift INDEL (p.L633delinsLCR) was detected in N57 and the hotspot mutation p.M918T (COSM965) in N53.
Diagnosis was finally confirmed by molecular analysis, which showed a compound heterozygosis for the known c.-32-13 T>G splice mutation and the known c.2544delC deletion (p.Lys849fs) in the GAA gene.
Thalassemia intermedia as a result of heterozygosis for beta 0-thalassemia and alpha alpha alpha anti-3,7 genotype in a Brazilian patient.
Quantitatively, heterosis is measured by the difference between the value obtained in generation Ft and the mean value of the parents, being maximum in generation [F.sub.1] In diploid species, heterozygosis is expected to be reduced to half every self-fertilization generation due to endogamy (WRIGHT, 1950).
In general, cycads present low observed heterozygosis, low genetic diversity and low differentiation between populations, except in Cycas guizhouensis, where differentiation was found to be high (Long-Qian et al., 2004).
In this study we observed higher levels of oxidative stress before and after exercise in athletes bearing the mutated allele V16, either in heterozygosis or in homozygosis, than in wild-type subjects, as shown by increased dROMs and AOPP and decreased BAP and free thiols.
have demonstrated that lung transplanted patients that displayed homozygosis for HLA-E*01:01 or HLA-E*01:03 alleles showed impaired overall survival as compared with patients displaying heterozygosis. Moreover, the presence of HLA-E*01:03 allele is correlated with a higher incidence of chronic rejection, as compared with patients with HLA-E*01:01 homozygosis.