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1. The formation of a heterozygote.
2. The condition of being a heterozygote.
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4 allele in both homozygosis and heterozygosis increases the risk of developing AD.
Thalassemia intermedia as a result of heterozygosis for beta 0-thalassemia and alpha alpha alpha anti-3,7 genotype in a Brazilian patient.
1] In diploid species, heterozygosis is expected to be reduced to half every self-fertilization generation due to endogamy (WRIGHT, 1950).
The parents used in the crosses presented a considerable degree of heterozygosis, because the plants were selected at orchards originating from seedlings grown from seeds, and studies conducted by Pessanha et al.
In general, cycads present low observed heterozygosis, low genetic diversity and low differentiation between populations, except in Cycas guizhouensis, where differentiation was found to be high (Long-Qian et al.
2007) they reported higher heterozygosis values than reported here except for one microsatellite locus.
In addition to genetic diversity, Nei's unbiased heterozygosis, mean allele number, and the number of effective alleles were obtained.
In the Swedish subject, however, it was identified in compound heterozygosis with the null mutation p.
The autosomal complement consists of 15 biarmed pairs plus one biarmed chromosome in heterozygosis, and 8 telocentric pairs plus two telocentric chromosomes in heterozygosis.
Difference in the prevalence of MSP-1 gene could be influenced by different geographic areas, longitudinal changes in frequency distribution of MSP-1 gene in determining the immune response, and frequency of heterozygosis in oocytes, in which meiotic recombination of MSP-1 gene is in a large number of field samples than that in hospital samples in Jayapura municipal.
These changes include sickle cell anemia (HbSS), double heterozygosis, namely, associations with other Hb variant hemoglobins such as HBD, HbC, and interactions with thalassemia (HbS/[beta]0 thalassemia, HbS/[beta] + thalassemia, HbS/[alpha] thalassemia).