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n. pl. het·mans
See ataman.

[Ukrainian het'man, from Polish hetman, from German dialectal hötmann, hetmann, captain; akin to German Hauptmann, from Middle High German houbetman : houbet, head (from Old High German houbit; see kaput- in Indo-European roots) + man, man (from Old High German; see fugleman).]
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n, pl -mans
(Historical Terms) another word for ataman
[C18: from Polish, from German Hauptmann headman]
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(ˈhɛt mən)

n., pl. -mans.
a Cossack chief; ataman.
[1700–10; < Ukrainian hét'man title of the Zaporozhye Cossak chief]
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I am the only child of Joel and Julia Hetman. The one was a well-to- do country gentleman, the other a beautiful and accomplished woman to whom he was passionately attached with what I now know to have been a jealous and exacting devotion.
They looked up at me stupidly and pointed, but just then the "hetman" of the Szgany came out, and seeing them pointing to my window, said something, at which they laughed.
Helpful addenda by the editors to this English-language edition are three very useful maps (following c), an extensive glossary, and a list of sixteenth and seventeenth century "Hetmans and Rulers." As has become the custom with the translations of earlier Hrushevsky volumes, volume ten includes not only Hrushevsky's bibliography but also extensive addenda to that bibliography.
The central historical figure of volume ten is Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky, whose portrait appears on the dust jacket.
Z istorii odnoho sudovoho protsesu abo hetmans'ka sprava u mizhvoiennii Velykii Brytanii.
When Lypynsky broke with the Hetman in 1930 and died a few months later, Kysilewsky lost interest in the Hetmanite movement.
1595-1657) in founding a dynasty to rule as hetmans in Ukraine.
In his letter to the tsar's minister, Bogdan Khitrovo, Briukhovets'kyi was keen to convince the minister of his loyalty to the Muscovite monarch: "and that would be an evil foe, a wicked and unmerciful servant, who burns the inheritance of Your Majesty with the fire of war, who, in his disloyalty, gives [this inheritance] to the roaring lions." (35) The hetman went on to reproach his political opponents, the former hetmans Yurii Khmel'nyts'kyi and Ivan Vyhovs'kyi, by suggesting that they were "the wicked servants" while he "chooses a different path." (36)
Thus, Orthodox metropolitans and Cossack hetmans alike had shared interests in preserving their autonomy.
(Well, this condemned man who throws himself And drags himself forward, the tribes of Ukraine Will one day make a prince.) [then he will "gird the cloak of the Hetmans of Old Ukraine."] Enfin le terme arrive ...
The alignment of the Right-Bank hetmans with the Muslims was perceived as the greater threat by the tsarist court as well as the leading members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, whose well-being and security depended on the tsar.