hex nut

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Noun1.hex nut - a nut with a hexagonal shapehex nut - a nut with a hexagonal shape  
nut - a small (usually square or hexagonal) metal block with internal screw thread to be fitted onto a bolt
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Get a 3/8 inch hex nut cap screw for the tallest center candle.
* A part that, when installed, appears identical to a standard flanged hex nut above the sheet and remains flush on the other side.
Made easy to install thanks to its countersunk hex nut, the product also shines bright with the company's new Line Drag Reduction System.
Part PN or NSN Qty Compressor brace 9454226-3 1 Clamp 9454226-4 1 Warning label 7690-01-493-7425 1 R134A label 7690-01-493-7422 1 Hex-head screw NASM35307-308 2 Flat washer 5310-00-582-5677 4 Lock washer 5310-00-933-8119 2 Hex nut 5310-00-903-5966 2
The 8" and 10" Power Grip[R] hex nut wrenches are made of professional-grade, high-strength C1045 forged steel and feature specially designed jaws that will prevent slipping and will not round out the corners of nuts and bolts.