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After all (n, k, p) transformation have been done, the generated cipher information will be translated back into Hexadecimal and then an encrypted image is created and stored.
Since there are thousands of hexadecimal sequence in each exe file, we build a Matlab code that searches every file to extract 543 features as shown in Fig.
With regard to the rEEG, it should be mentioned that as the selected runs for analysis with our method were clustered separately, the color labels in a TFT map of ERP condition are the same as a TFT map of no ERP only if it is the same subject and same run; otherwise, this condition may not be satisfied, except for two cases: the color map is bounded between specific RGB values between dark blue and bright yellow, which corresponds with cluster with hexadecimal label "01" (only channel P8 is assigned) and cluster "FF" (all channels are assigned), respectively.
The colors with the respective RGB and hexadecimal codes were determined in high-resolution digital images of the processed roes.
For images in particular, the colour information is expressed in hexadecimal format, a numeral system based on 16 characters that uses solely numbers (0-9) and the first 6 letters of the Roman alphabet (A-F).
For reading these data and controlling of devices, the messages will be converted to hexadecimal format.
Eddystone UID allows app creators to use the unique hexadecimal code that is created when an app is published on the Play Store, in the beacon's Eddystone UID broadcast.
Hash codes are produced by having a computer ingest any size of data, whether a small text file to as big as a database spanning across several hard disks, before coughing out a small set of hexadecimal numbers for us to appreciate.
The expression 0x0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i can be regarded as a hexadecimal constant.
Texas (named entity = [pounds sterling]) on Wednesday (decimal entity = [pounds sterling]) kicked (hexadecimal entity = £) off a voter education campaign ahead of the November elections amid heightened scrutiny of the state's voter ID law.
The Non-linear structure can be achieved by substituting a random hexadecimal number to the actual S-Box value.