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1. Having six sides.
2. Containing a hexagon or shaped like one.
3. Mineralogy Having three equal axes intersecting at angles of 60° in one plane and one axis of variable length that is perpendicular to the others.

hex·ag′o·nal·ly adv.
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The hexagonally designed satellite has two decks as well as an upper sun shield made of a carbon fibre reinforced polymer that protects the sensitive camera system from the extreme environment in space, specifically temperature fluctuations and radiation.
The company developed hexagonally shaped pouches for the recent Pharmapack Europe show in Paris.
[8] observed the different helical structures formed with SBM triblock copolymers self-assembled into a helical structure of PB domains around hexagonally packed core of PS cylinders in a PMMA.
Dolan et al., "Observation of hexagonally correlated flux quanta in YBa2Cu3O7," Physical Review Letters, vol.
Graphene, a monolayer of hexagonally packed carbon atoms, has revolutionized both the academic and industrial world to greater extent [7].
He represented schematically oxide layer created by hard anodizing as a closed-packed array of hexagonally arranged cells containing pores in each cell center (Figure 1(b)).
To do so, this leaky barrier of hexagonally shaped cells allows passive diffusion of nutrients flowing from the anterior chamber to the corneal stroma and epithelium but simultaneously averts corneal edema by pumping excessive fluid back to the anterior chamber.
The retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) is a monolayer of hexagonally packed cells, situated between the choroid and neural retina in the eye [1-3].
[9.] Hossain MK, Koirala AR, Akhtar US, Song MK, Yoon KB (2015) First Synthesis of Highly Crystalline, Hexagonally Ordered, Uniformly Mesoporous TiO2--B and Its Optical and Photocatalytic Properties.Chem.
In 1966, he proposed the idea of a hollow molecule, "a flat sheet of carbon atoms bonded hexagonally rather like chicken wire."