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1. Having six sides.
2. Containing a hexagon or shaped like one.
3. Mineralogy Having three equal axes intersecting at angles of 60° in one plane and one axis of variable length that is perpendicular to the others.

hex·ag′o·nal·ly adv.
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This is especially useful in the two-dimensional form of hexagonally bonded carbon called graphene, Which has superb electronic and mechanical properties.
In 1966, he proposed the idea of a hollow molecule, "a flat sheet of carbon atoms bonded hexagonally rather like chicken wire.
In this work, femtocells are deployed according to a spatial Poisson Point Process (PPP) over hexagonally shaped, 6-sector macro base stations (MeNBs) in an uncoordinated manner, operating in hybrid mode.
Dinnerware in general took a backseat to accessories and serving items, such as the wood and metal tiered stands and lazy Susans from Gibson; the hexagonally shaped acacia wood and marble serving pieces from Libbey; a multitude of copper-accented, silkscreened wood and marble trays and platters from Patina Vie by Thirstystone; and the American Farmhouse collection of wood and galvanized metal serveware from Boston Warehouse.
Graphene is nearly a transparent, twodimensional semimetal consisting of a single atomic lattice of hexagonally arranged sp2 hybridized carbon atoms [1].
direct sum]] in order to encompass the largest planets capable of possessing hexagonally close-packed iron at their core [27,28].
1b, where the cones are hexagonally arranged on the front surface of the solar cell.
Kinetically controlled synthesis of hexagonally close-packed cobalt nanorods with high magnetic coercivity," Advanced Functional Materials, vol.
The result of this procedure was a block copolymer with a composition allowing the formation of hexagonally packed PLA cylinders in a PS matrix [30].
Using their CVD process, Vlassiouk's team has fabricated polymer composites containing 2-in-by-2-in sheets of one-atom-thick hexagonally arranged carbon atoms.
Inspired by an octagonal rifling system devised by his colleague on the Board of Ordnance project, Westley Richards, Whitworth came up with his own hexagonally bored rifle ban-el of .