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two types of hexahedrons


n. pl. hex·a·he·drons or hex·a·he·dra (-drə)
A polyhedron, such as a cube, that has six faces.

[Greek hexaedron, from neuter of hexaedros, having six sides : hexa-, hexa- + -edros, sided; see -hedron.]

hex′a·he′dral (-drəl) adj.
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Contract notice: Intellectual services market for the automatic generation of tetrahedral meshes and high performance hexahedral.
Different levels of hexahedral mesh refinement were generated using the computational mesh of the ANSYS ICEM-CFX Mesh [R] software in order to verify the effect of refinement on the local concentration gradients in space and time.
Bone structures in all models were meshed by tetrahedral elements; other structures were meshed by hexahedral elements with an approximate element size of 2 mm [Figure 1]a.
According to this strategy, the total number of elements used in the present CFD work is 98,000 hexahedral elements for the fluid domain and 70,000 hexahedral elements for the screw domain.
Eight node hexahedral solid elements with reduced integration (C3D8R) were used to simulate the pipe.
The crankshaft and connecting rod in this model are taken as flexible bodies, both of which are meshed into hexahedral units by finite element software (Hypermesh).
Winchester unveiled Blind Side in 2010, and it cleverly championed the benefits of hexahedral shot, which dates back to the 1970s.
As we can see from the figures, the mesh is predominantly hexahedral cells with the cells cut to fit the surface architecture.
After a review of numerical methods, she covers scanning techniques and image processing, fundamentals of geometric modeling and meshing, image-based triangular and tetrahedral meshing, image-base quadrilateral and hexahedral meshing, volumetric T-spline modeling, and finite element and isogeometric analysis applications.