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A polymer consisting of at least 2 and as many as 100 monomers.

o·lig′o·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.
o·lig′o·mer′i·za′tion n.


(Chemistry) a compound of relatively low molecular weight containing up to five monomer units. Compare polymer, copolymer
[C20: from oligo- + -mer, as in polymer]
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21) Highly stable dihexamers form due to an interaction between one of the fatty diacid side chains of one hexamer and a zinc atom of another.
Amplification and cloning of viral components: For amplification of begomovirus components rolling circle amplification (RCA) technique using phi29 DNA polymerase and random hexamer primers was used (TempliPhi TM, GE Healthcare).
Idea Nuova Global, Colleen Hexamer, Director Licensing, 212-643-0680, colleenh@ideanuova.
To measure lncRNA levels, 1 [micro]g total RNA was reverse transcribed using MuLV reverse transcriptase (TransGen, Beijing, China) and random hexamer primers in a 20 [micro]l reaction.
Briefly, 1 [micro]g of total RNA was mixed with 1 [micro]l of random hexamer primers (Thermo scientific, USA) in a 0.
Reverse transcription was performed with Reverse transcriptase primer harboring 3' adaptor sequence and randomized hexamer.
1 to 5 pg of RNA was mixed with 1 [micro]l of random hexamer primer or oligo primer and then added to DEPC water until the volume reached 12 [micro]l.
We found that the contents of D-glucosamine, chitosan dimer, chitosan trimer, chitosan tetramer, chitosan pentamerand chitosan hexamer in COS were 0.
Total RNA (3[micro]g) from each sample was subjected to reverse transcription by the First strand cDNA synthesis kit (Fermentas, Lithuania) on the basis of the manufacture's instruction using random hexamer primers.
The HexaBody antibody technology enables the development of potent therapeutics by inducing antibody hexamer formation (clusters of six antibodies).