hexanedioic acid

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Noun1.hexanedioic acid - a carboxylic acid used in the manufacture of nylon
carboxylic acid - an organic acid characterized by one or more carboxyl groups
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Request TOC of this Report- https://www.factmr.com/connectus/sample?flag=T&rep_id=3005 Diisobutyl Adipate is also known as hexanedioic acid, it belongs to a class of organic compounds known as fatty acid esters.
Chitosan ([M.sub.w] [greater than or equal to] 20,000 Da, degree of deacetylation [greater than or equal to] 90%); triethylamine, Sulfanilic acid, Phenol, N-methyl pyrrolidone, and polyvinylpyrrolidone were analytical grade and purchased from Sinopharm Chemical Reagent; chloroacetic acid, acetic acid, hexanedioic acid, acetone, glutaraldehyde, and polyvinyl alcohol were obtained from Shenyang Xinxi reagent Factory; Cholesterol was purchased from Henan xiayi Bell biological Products and polysulfone was purchased from Shanghai Shuguang chemical plastics industrial corporation.
The result showed that the main components were phthalic acid, butyl hexyl ester (42.85%), hexanedioic acid, bis(2-ethylhexyl) ester (5.22%), phthalic acid, 2ethylhexyl hexyl ester (13.96%), 2,6,10,14, 18,22tetracosahexaene, 2,6,10, 15, 19,23-hexamethyl-, (allE)-(3.13%), 1H-indole, 1-methyl-2- phenyl(1.07%), 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6,8-dimethyl-7 (8H)-pteridinone (11.69%), benzo[h] quinoline, 2,4dimethyl-(1.43%), 2,4,6-cyclo-heptatrien-1-one, 3,5-bis-trimethylsilyl- (2.50%), 3,3,7,11-tetramethyltricyclo [,11)]undecan-1-ol-(1.43%), cyclohexane, 1,1,2-trimethyl-3,5- bis(1-methylethenyl)-, (2[+ or -],32,52)-(16.73%).