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Any of numerous six-legged arthropods of the subphylum Hexapoda, which includes the insects and several groups formerly classified as insects, such as the springtails.
1. Of or belonging to the subphylum Hexapoda.
2. Having six legs or feet.

[From New Latin Hexapoda, class name : Greek hexa-, hexa- + New Latin -poda, -pod.]

hex·ap′o·dous (hĕk-săp′ə-dəs) adj.
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(Zoology) any arthropod of the class Hexapoda (or Insecta); an insect
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(ˈhɛk səˌpɒd)

1. a six-legged arthropod of the class Insecta (formerly Hexapoda); an insect.
2. of or pertaining to an insect.
[1660–70; < Greek hexapod-, s. of hexápous six-footed. See hexa-, -pod]
hex•ap′o•dous (-ˈsæp ə dəs) adj.
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Noun1.hexapod - an animal having six feet
animal, animate being, beast, creature, fauna, brute - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
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