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Having six columns across the front of the portico, as in some Greek temples.

[Greek hexastūlos, having six columns in front : hexa-, hexa- + stūlos, pillar; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈhɛksəˌstaɪl) architect
(Architecture) a portico or façade with six columns
(Mathematics) having six columns
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Hoskins Walbank has proposed that after the removal of the interior Doric columns of the temple in the Early Roman period, "the two cellae remained as they were and were not thrown into one, as previous excavators thought." She further suggests that the western cella "was retained for the worship of Apollo, and that the other, perhaps the eastern one, was dedicated to the Gens Iulia." Evidence for this interpretation comes from the representation of a hexastyle Doric temple dedicated to the Gens Iulia on an issue of Corinthian bronze coins struck during the reign of Tiberius in A.D.
Still with all that ad revenue you might have expected Great Buildings to have at least mentioned that Maison Carree is a hexastyle Corinthian temple.