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n. pl. hi·ber·nac·u·la (-lə) Biology
1. A protective case, covering, or structure, such as a plant bud, in which an organism remains dormant for the winter.
2. The shelter of a hibernating animal.

[Latin hībernāculum, winter residence, from hībernāre, to winter, from hībernus, relating to winter; see ghei- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˌhaɪbəˈnækjʊləm) or


n, pl -ula (-jʊlə) or -les
1. (Zoology) the winter quarters of a hibernating animal
2. (Biology) the protective case or covering of a plant bud or animal
[C17: from Latin: winter residence; see hibernate]
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(ˌhaɪ bərˈnæk yə ləm)

also hi•ber•nac•le

(ˈhaɪ bərˌnæk əl)

n., pl. -nac•u•la (-ˈnæk yə lə) also -nac•les.
1. a protective case or covering for winter, as of an animal or a plant bud.
2. winter quarters, as of a hibernating animal.
[1690–1700; < Latin hībernāculum winter residence =hībernā(re) (see hibernate) + -culum -cule2]
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To reduce the impact on ecology, a hibernaculum will also be provided in the basement for bat species.
2013: Negative trend reversal after 16 years of constant growth: the case of Rhinolophus hipposideros in an Austrian mass hibernaculum (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae).
A crew of five wildlife biologists wearing overalls, helmets and headlamps walked up the flanks of a juniper-studded mountain and climbed through stout steel bars to enter an abandoned mine that serves as a bat hibernaculum.
A gathering spot for winter slumber parties is called a hibernaculum. Garter snakes are known for their hibernacula -- rather, they're known for freaking people out when they emerge en masse in spring (not to worry, they're harmless -- and beneficial).
In order to quantify environmental conditions during hibernation, air temperature inside of the hibernaculum were recorded every 2 h using a temperature data logger (AZ Instrument Corp., Taiwan).
During this time, we assume that bats may be using some longer bouts of torpor and may be moving into their hibernaculum for the winter season.
The new features include six specially-constructed raised beds accessible to wheelchair users, a giant bamboo xylophone, wind chimes, colourful windmills, a bird box and feeders, a bee "hotel" and a hibernaculum - or winter hideaway for insects - to complement the wildlife meadow that had been sown in the garden previously.
In other parts of the country, especially regions with caves, tunnels, or abandoned mines, dead bats around a single large hibernaculum can number in the thousands.
The earth then retreats into its own hibernaculum (a shelter occupied during the winter by a dormant animal) to pass the winter of discontent in deep and dreamless sleep, the sleep of death.
velifer gypsum-cave hibernaculum in western Oklahoma are presented in Table 2 for 28 January 2011.
piscivorus in shrubs 1-1.5 m above the water near a hibernaculum. He believed the snakes had been forced into shrubs by high water.
I visited a cave that used to be the biggest bat hibernaculum in the Northeast, with hundreds of thousands of bats.