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n. hibernoma, tumor benigno localizado en la cadera o en la espalda.
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Chondroid lipoma shows features of both lipoma and hibernoma; it is also known as lipoma of immature fat, lipoma of the embryonic fat, or fetal lipoma (4).
The final pathology report diagnosed the mass as a "hibernoma with myxoid features."
However, since these findings may resemble a variety of other lesions, in particular granular cell tumor, hibernoma, and paraganglioma, immunohistochemical staining is required for diagnosis.
a lesion resembling hibernoma, lipoblastomatosis and infiltrating lipoma," Archives of Pathology, vol.
Microscopically, the CT-guided biopsy showed multivacuolated and granular eosinophilic cells with small centrally located nuclei consistent with hibernoma. No lipoblasts or cytologic atypia was seen to suggest liposarcoma.
The histology showed a neoplasm composed of sheets of brown fat cells, in keeping with the classical features of a typical subtype hibernoma (Figure 5).
Hibernoma is a rare benign tumour arising from remnants of fetal brown adipose tissue.
Hibernoma is interesting as it has imaging characteristics quite different from those we associate with fat.
(21,24) However, there are numerous lipoblast mimics, including atrophic fat cells, signet ring cells, hibernoma cells, necrotic fat cells, and reactive fat cells associated with silicone reaction and artifact.
This location was earlier detected in hibernoma cases.