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also hic·cough  (hĭk′əp)
a. A spasm of the diaphragm resulting in a rapid, involuntary inhalation that is stopped by the sudden closure of the glottis and accompanied by a sharp, distinctive sound.
b. hiccups also hiccoughs An attack of these spasms. Often used with the.
2. The sound made by such a spasm or a sound resembling it: "the urgent hiccup of a police siren" (John Updike).
3. A usually minor setback, impediment, or difficulty; a hitch: "As long as the Fed remains fearful to act lest it be blamed for any economic hiccup, market uncertainty will continue" (Kevin Brady).
intr.v. hic·cupped, hic·cup·ping, hic·cups also hic·coughed or hic·cough·ing or hic·coughs
1. To make a hiccup or a sound like a hiccup.
2. To have an attack of hiccups.

tiếng nấc


فُوَاق škytavka hikke Schluckauf λόξυγγας hipo hikka hoquet štucanje singhiozzo しゃっくり 딸꾹질 hik hikke czkawka soluço, soluços икота hicka สะอึก hıçkırık tiếng nấc 打呃


, hiccups
n. hipo, contracción involuntaria del diafragma y la glotis.
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After some minutes, he returned, with his legs thoroughly stretched, if the hue of his nose and a short hiccup afforded any criterion; and at the same time there came out of the yard a rusty pony-chaise, and a cart, driven by two labouring men.
Have you,' rejoined Mr Tappertit, catching him by the wrist, and giving him a look which would have been expressive of the most deadly malevolence, but for an accidental hiccup that rather interfered with it; 'have you a--a rival?
Behind this domestic, Mr and Mrs Boffin took their seats in the back compartment of the vehicle: which was sufficiently commodious, but had an undignified and alarming tendency, in getting over a rough crossing, to hiccup itself away from the front compartment.
NASA's Swift spacecraft is the first to record these never-before-seen hiccups because it can slew its X-ray telescope to just the right patch of sky immediately after the craft detects a gamma-ray burst.
Title-chasing jockey Jamie Spencer moved on to 64 for the season with a 19-1 double on Hiccups and Hilltime at Catterick yesterday.
Almost every new parent has a question about the hiccups.
Q Since I was a child, I have hated to get hiccups.
Sexual intercourse quickly stopped a 3-day bout of hiccups in a healthy 40-year-old
KAREN Hunt has noticed she often gets hiccups when eating toast at her desk in the morning.
Whether they Mare attributable to toxins in food, pesticides, stress, or simply the fact that we were designed for a simpler diet than we are getting, ulcers, hiccups, heartburn, diarrhea, and the host of other ailments that you are only too familiar with afflict over 50 million Americans each year.
The reflex arc(2) for hiccups comprises: (1) the afferent limb: phrenic nerve, vagus nerve, or thoracic sympathetic fibers; (2) the central connection: not a specific center, more an interaction among brain stem respiratory system, phrenic nerve nuclei, reticular formation, and hypothalamus; and (3) the efferent limb: primarily the phrenic nerve.