hickory nut

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Noun1.hickory nut - small hard-shelled nut of North American hickory trees especially the shagbark hickorieshickory nut - small hard-shelled nut of North American hickory trees especially the shagbark hickories
edible nut - a hard-shelled seed consisting of an edible kernel or meat enclosed in a woody or leathery shell
big shagbark, big shellbark, big shellbark hickory, Carya laciniosa, king nut, king nut hickory - hickory of the eastern United States resembling the shagbark but having a much larger nut
Carya ovata, shagbark, shagbark hickory, shellbark, shellbark hickory - North American hickory having loose grey shaggy bark and edible nuts
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In the midst of this growing and important stress the broker became suddenly aware of a high-rolled fringe of golden hair under a nodding canopy of velvet and ostrich tips, an imitation sealskin sacque and a string of beads as large as hickory nuts, ending near the floor with a silver heart.
> For more agritourism adventures, take a winding drive to a farm, such as Hickory Nut Gap in Fairview.
In 2011, we moved back to our home state of Virginia, in the suburbs of Washington D.C., where we purchased a 1/2-acre plot complete with mulberry and hickory nut trees; edible wild scallions, strawberries, and dandelions; and a house with a woodstove.
Pecans, which are a type of hickory nut, are easy to harvest, delicious and meaty.
COMMON NAMES: Black walnut, American black walnut, walnut, Virginia walnut, black hickory nut, Canadian walnut, walnut tree, canaletto
"If you have a good local egg connection, the farmers will stash the jumbo's for you!" The taste and size of the yolk is especially important to Heidi Because she "loves three-minute eggs." They count on Blue Hill Farm and Hickory Nut Gap Farm for their weekly egg fix, but local egg-lovers can choose from many area producers.
Many of the movie's climactic scenes were filmed along the cliff-top trails and keen-eyed viewers will recognise Hickory Nut Falls from the ending.
It is recommended that you plant a hickory nut or seedling in the final planting location, to avoid transplant shock.
For the hickory nut cake: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Hickory nut oils, phenetic similarities, and evolutionary implications in the genus Carya.
From now on I want you to see that he rubs against the shaggy-bark hickory nut only.