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Noun1.hiddenness - the state of being covert and hidden
concealment, privateness, secrecy, privacy - the condition of being concealed or hidden
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Israel's response sounds more like a false confidence, not a real reckoning with the depth of God's anger or hiddenness. She says that this will all pass quickly; in just two or three (metaphorical) days the Lord will relent and heal the people.
In this brief description of the Dionysian view of creation, we see that the hiddenness of God is preserved at all costs.
112) of exteriorization and interiorization, that is, of manifestation and hiddenness.
Westhelle reads another set of Luther texts that deal with the hiddenness of God in a similar way.
leads the reader through a dazzling survey that traverses numerous traditions: the cult of the Amida Buddha in Japan, and the cult of Hindu goddesses compared with devotion to the Virgin Mary; the theology sung by the congregation in the hymnal of Scotland's Reformed Church; Martin Luther's sense of divine hiddenness and revelation; Jonathan and Sarah Edwards's experience of divine majesty and grace; ideas of God in rabbinic Judaism and Muslim monotheism (where some polarities are clearly downplayed, while others persist).
Setting his argument in the context of a debate between an ideally rational atheist (charmingly called Atheist) and an ideally rational theist (analogously, Theist) in the hopes of convincing an audience of ideally rational neutral agnostics to their positions, van Inwagen divides the problem into several arenas: the global problem (evidence against the existence of God drawn from the existence of vast amounts of truly horrendous evil), the local problem (evidence drawn from the existence of any particular case of evil, since surely God could prevent that case), the suffering of non-human animals (for example, Rowe's fawn), and the hiddenness of God, although, as van Inwagen points out, the latter issue is not essentially connected to the problem of evil.
David Tracy has pointed out that the hidden God today "comes to us principally through the interpretive experience and the memory of the suffering of whole peoples, especially the suffering of all those ignored, marginalized, and colonized by the grand narrative of modernity." Because the exegetical category of "promise" presupposes the hiddenness of God--even within God's revelation to human beings--to which the biblical texts bear witness in diverse ways, it can provide means for avoiding the injustices of hegemonic interpretation and for bearing witness to the God whose promises are simultaneously mysterious and sure.
Here the concept "mystery" is central, signifying the hiddenness or incomprehensibility of God and his mysterious saving design.
I argue that, to the extent that the exegetical category of "promise" presupposes the hiddenness of the God to which the biblical texts witness in plurivocal fashion, it and the Lutheran tradition itself provide hermeneutically useful means for avoiding the injustices of hegemonic interpretation and for bearing witness to the God whose promises are simultaneously mysterious and sure.
The concluding essay of the collection, "The reception of Pascal's Pensees in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries," by Antony McKenna, is an interesting survey of the generally negative reaction to Pascal's emphasis on the hiddenness of God, and the correlative rejection of natural theology in favor of historical theology (using alleged miracles and satisfied prophesies to argue that Christianity is the true religion).
insists that God's hiddenness should not be construed merely as punishment or as evidence of human inability to comprehend.
God is, as Job found, irascible in freedom and pathos-filled in sovereignty, one who traffics in hiddenness and violence.