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Noun1.hiddenness - the state of being covert and hidden
concealment, privateness, secrecy, privacy - the condition of being concealed or hidden
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Gerrish, "To the Unknown God: Luther and Calvin on the Hiddenness of God," in The Old Protestantism and the New, 131-49.
Hiddenness and Alterity: Philosophical and Literary Sightings of the Unseen.
The concept of the hiddenness of the reality of life in the Messiah from Colossians 3 might be illuminating in this regard.
The hiddenness and deception is no longer necessary.
What is striking to me in Thomsen's work is that he always strove in the first place to be a faithful witness, clinging to striking formulations of the hiddenness and vulnerability of God made known in Christ, without any attempt to tone them down in order to make them easier for "other peoples of faith" to hear.
But an "Eclipse" is not a metaphysical nothingness; rather, it is the complete hiddenness of something real.
One of these is the "law of disguise," according to which God manifests himself not only in glory and greatness, but still more fully in hiddenness and littleness.
A-letheia points to the unconcealed that rises up from the Lethe, the essential hiddenness out of which things are manifest, not only in their individual fullness but in their essential interrelatedness within the Whole.
She is threatening because of her hiddenness in relation to the male characters who attempt to possess her, and consequently only a meaningful entity insofar as she is undefined, vacated of the possibility of recognition or identification.
As Ballan notes, for Balthasar 'Kierkegaard' often functions more as a symbol for certain themes and emphases, such as interiority, contradiction, discontinuity, radical interruption, paradox, hiddenness, and suffering.
45:15]), by God's hiddenness, Moser recalls to us the ways in
suspicion, hiddenness, and treachery' (Sanders & West 2003: 12) and that transparency involves elites constantly contending over what is made visible and what is rendered invisible (Neyland 2007).