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n. Informal
A secluded or isolated place; a hideaway.


(ˈhaɪ di)

n. Informal.


[ˈhaɪdɪhəʊl] Nescondite m, escondrijo m


n (inf)Versteck nt
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My favourite part was the hidey-hole tunnel which leads to the tennis court.
When alarmed they dive for cover, but the patient observer will be rewarded as, after a few minutes, their curiosity gets the better of them and they take a cautious look around from their hidey-hole.
If a mature buck nails you in a tree-stand or you bump him from his bed in a favorite hidey-hole, chances are poor that you'll get a crack at that same animal.
This is a kind of hi-tech hidey-hole designed to withstand just the sort of break-in planned by the film's trio of baddies - a security wizard (Forest Whitaker), a druggie (Jared Leto) and a psycho (Dwight Yoakam) - who are after a secret stash of valuable bonds.
And gag grouper seem to get back into their usual warm-water feeding habits, eating any bait, live or artificial, within eyeshot of their reef or wreck hidey-hole.
John Bock succeeded in charming with a hidey-hole perforated wall that partially concealed the artists and his mess, but his interactive gambit, which included having your arm decorated with colorful doodads when you stuck it into a mural orifice, resembled a concession more than a happening.
Sherwood Forest (pause for Robin Hood theme tune), home to 1,000 oak trees within 450 acres, including the 800-year-old Major Oak, alleged hidey-hole for Hoodie.
Just as you or I might put a tenner in some hidey-hole and forget it, the bould Tom didn't recall stashing his cash under the bath.
Forget any notion of cutesy white fluffballs - Buchanan's Perspex box hidey-hole was attacked by a bear, as seen in some incredible footage.
AS artistic director of Diversions Dance Company you might expect Ann Sholem's hidey-hole to hint at her creativity; and it does.
had an unkindly thought that if Saddam had stuck his head out of his hidey-hole he was mine,
Vice President Dick Cheney emerged from his hidey-hole over the weekend to announce that he will not comply with the General Accounting Office's request to disclose Enron Corp.