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n. Informal
A secluded or isolated place; a hideaway.


(ˈhaɪ di)

n. Informal.


[ˈhaɪdɪhəʊl] Nescondite m, escondrijo m


n (inf)Versteck nt
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Baby guppies will use them to find hidey-holes until they are old enough to swim with the big guys.
Some of the worst guns I have ever seen have been coming out of closets and hidey-holes where they've been hiding for ages.
It added that security forces have also raided two hidey-holes which housed materials used by the terrorists in their attacks in the eastern city of Bingul.
Drifting through the morning mist, ghostly tendrils would swirl and billow, offering glimpses of lay-downs and secret hidey-holes.
They require suitable accommodation such as a gerbilarium with lots of toys, tunnels and hidey-holes to keep them occupied.
Whether it's the boy racer, the captain of his ship or beds with stairs, slides and hidey-holes, we've got it covered.
Disrupting and sometimes disheartening, work proceeded in dismantling the lovely sanctuary, as the six congregations watched the interior gutted while they worshipped in hidey-holes in the basement.
The prime minister and defense minister Moshe Ya'alon had counted on the 72-hour cease-fire, which expired Friday morning, providing Hamas commanders with a chance to come out of their bunker hidey-holes and view the devastation on the Gaza Strip surface.
They slunk out of their well-heated hidey-holes to vote down the measure.
They add very little to your pack weight and are a snap to clean compared to a folding knife, which has recesses and hidey-holes that collect blood and viscera like a pack rat.
Hidey-holes are miniature food plots designed to light up a buck's taste buds while drawing him in for a close shot.
What says American Dream better than having additional hidey-holes for all your extra stuff?