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hurried; went quickly; hastened: He hied himself down to the stadium.
Not to be confused with:
hide – conceal; cache; stash: Hide the money under the mattress.; the skin of an animal


intr. & tr.v. hied, hie·ing or hy·ing (hī′ĭng), hies
To go quickly; hasten.

[Middle English hien, from Old English hīgian, to strive, exert oneself.]
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The house where he had left him was in a by-street in Southwark, not far from London Bridge; and thither he hied with all speed, bent upon returning with as little delay as might be, and getting to bed betimes.
She loved the gentle, misty harbor shore and the silvery, wind-haunted sand shore, but best of all she loved the rock shore, with its cliffs and caves and piles of surf-worn boulders, and its coves where the pebbles glittered under the pools; and it was to this shore she hied herself tonight.
Seeders had finished his weakfish he got up, put his arm around Tildy's waist, kissed her loudly and impudently, walked out upon the street, snapped his fingers in the direction of the laundry, and hied himself to play pennies in the slot machines at the Amusement Arcade.
{12} Telemachus's room was high up in a tower {13} that looked on to the outer court; hither, then, he hied, brooding and full of thought.
we did not tarry long, but we hied back to Bordeaux, where we came in safety with the King of France and also the feather-bed.
So Jove, the Olympian Lord of Thunder, hied him to the bed in which he always slept; and when he had got on to it he went to sleep, with Juno of the golden throne by his side.
Up, betimes, rose Peter, seized an axe, hammer, and saw, which he had placed by his bedside, and hied him to the garret.
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Since Fukuoka is the birthplace of ramen, we hied off for dinner at Ichiran.
After spending one night in their lovely home in Valle Verde, we hied off the next day to Antipolo to visit Ed's Farm which is planted to mangoes and other fruit-bearing trees and vegetables.
At the administrative level, Merritt has represented employers who are faced with charges hied with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the U.S.
Mayor Gallery hied the lawsuit in 2016 accusing the AMCR of failing to follow its own procedure, and of various other legal theories involving interference and negligence, resulting in a loss to the gallery of more than $7 million.