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 (hī′ə-rär′kĭ-kəl, hī-rär′-) or hi·er·ar·chic (-kĭk) or hi·er·ar·chal (-rär′kəl)
Of or relating to a hierarchy.

hi′er·ar′chi·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.hierarchic - classified according to various criteria into successive levels or layers; "it has been said that only a hierarchical society with a leisure class at the top can produce works of art"; "in her hierarchical set of values honesty comes first"


adj, hierarchically
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Like results of similar researches, it was anticipated that people with Integrative and Hierarchic styles had more certainty in their decisions in comparison with Decisive and Flexible decision-makers.
In the CDIO Syllabus (Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate), the blocks of knowledge, skills, and attitudes are further divided into smaller hierarchic parts.
To solve the task of description a DS, a hierarchic decision tree (schema) of feature-based component representation is proposed.
The codes are supported by hierarchic descriptions of care, expanded definitions of care, practitioner identifiers, relative values and legal practice guidelines-all essential for controlling healthcare costs and offering the kind of care today's consumers demand.
By being given the spatial distribution of the archaeological sites, mainly in the form of concentration areas (Bocquet-Appel & Demars in press), one may ponder whether modern human expansion did not take place following a model of hierarchic diffusion (Cliff et al.
It would remove one of the problems I find with priesthood as I grow older -- the hierarchic side, the iconic side of priesthood.
This means that in the three-layered hierarchic structure of the UN, we could refer to the unqualified votes of most nations in the world, the qualified votes of the permanent five, and the single vote of Israel, which holds an exclusively privileged status.
Corine Land Cover Classification System was financed by the European Union and it comprises 44 classes grouped into 3 hierarchic levels.
Diagram of the application specification parameters is hierarchic diagram that defines designated application properties.
New Dimension Software's CONTROL-M works with Safeguard to provide secured, hierarchic access management to create a fully protected job control environment tailored to the security administrator's requirements.
Davis: I would describe what I did as a protest against the imposition of the hierarchic structure of the church as being of divine law.