hierarchical data structure

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Noun1.hierarchical data structure - a structure of data having several levels arranged in a treelike structure
data structure - (computer science) the organization of data (and its storage allocations in a computer)
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A hierarchical data structure like the quadtree has both hierarchical spatial order and the facility to speed up region and neighborhood queries.
To enable a robot to access a library of human-to-human passing motions with the speed necessary for robot-human interaction, the researchers developed a hierarchical data structure.
The hierarchical data structure is illustrated by the fact that the item responses are nested within each student.
Since the choice of research methodology inevitably affects results of TIMSS data analyses, the purpose of this study is to examine features of the TIMSS design, and specify proper fixed and random factors within the hierarchical data structure. This investigation may help clarify relevance of HLM for TIMSS investigations.
The resulting hierarchical data structure is complex and adaptive, breaking any simple mapping to physical processors.
The purpose of this paper is twofold: (1) to illustrate the concept of representing occupations with a tree-like data structure; and (2) to demonstrate how this hierarchical data structure can be used to conceptualize the development of a computer program that will systematically take into account both the concepts of P-JR and P-WE fit in job-matching.

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