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Noun1.hierarchical menu - a secondary menu that appears while you are holding the cursor over an item on the primary menu
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
computer menu, menu - (computer science) a list of options available to a computer user
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Medical students' perceptions of professionalism lapses were explored by asking the participants at King Saud University (KSU) to select from a "hierarchical menu of sanctions for first time lapses with no justifying circumstances by the medical students at undergraduate level and were compared with published data from Egypt using the Dundee Polypro-fessionalism Inventory I: academic integrity.7
Spatial adaptation can be particularly effective when it greatly reduces the amount of navigation required to reach items (for example, in a hierarchical menu structure: Greenberg and Witten [1985]), or when adapting the interface to support the motor abilities of individual users (Gajos, Wobbrock, and Weld 2008).
The numerous cellular phone models of various brands on the market differ in menu structure as well as number and functionality of keys for navigating through the hierarchical menu. Commonly agreed rules as to which arrangement of functions and keys lead to the best usability have not been defined.
Alternatively, a Paste-Anyplace(tm) menu can be popped up with just a single keystroke or mouse-click and captured text items selected from a familiar hierarchical menu structure.
The home page contained links to the Web sites that various institutions in the university had already created, and therefore, it functioned as a portal to various Web sites and employed hierarchical menu structure.
But there are several disadvantages to this kind of system: The keyword options have to be listed for users; users still have to wend their way through a hierarchical menu structure; and it is difficult to achieve word-recognition accuracy rivaling touch-tone accuracy.
A newer generation of tools has extended the capabilities available to Internet users, by providing hierarchical menu structures that direct users to information.
"Effects of help fields on navigating through hierarchical menu structures." International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 22: 479-491.
Patient data are entered either by key words (up to four at one time) or by selection from a hierarchical menu. A typical case requires 15 to 40 minutes to enter; the entry of laboratory results is particularly tedious.
Measurement software has evolved from a laborious programming language into an application package of modular tools readily accessible by hierarchical menu or graphics-based operator interface systems.
Blood bankers designed the program, whose hierarchical menu is organized around key functional areas, such as donor data, blood product inventory, patient data, and workload reporting.
Mobile portals are examples of hierarchical menu systems (HMSs) (Marsden and Jones 2001), and long before the arrival of the mobile Internet different forms of hierarchical menu systems were studied extensively with respect to their general usability and navigation characteristics (Larson and Czerwinski 1998, Miller 1981, Zaphirs 2000).

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