hierarchical structure

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Noun1.hierarchical structure - a structure of data having several levels arranged in a treelike structure
data structure - (computer science) the organization of data (and its storage allocations in a computer)
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It considers how the hierarchical structure of organizations leads to these fears and an organization that contains and controls emotions in the workplace, and it discusses resilience and factors of flexibility in workforce arrangements.
The June 19-July 2 issue presented news and articles centering on the heart of church life today The realities are stark and challenging, especially regarding the hierarchical structure of the church and its continued stance of being beyond reproach, correction or change.
Their unique hierarchical structure on both the micro- and nano-scales will be exploited for the adhesion of water droplets to the surface, and the light sensitive entities will allow switching of the surface properties to trigger droplet detachment.
Juror Alistair Hudson said of Assemble: "This is collective activity working within society, not in the hierarchical structure of the art world.
The researchers have claimed that in comparison with other structures, hierarchical structure has much better antibacterial activity (more than 91%) even after five sets of standard washing.
But within that "family", there is a hierarchical structure.
After 30 years in the travel industry Ms Biggs took up her current role in 2010 having been a member of the RHS for 18 years, She said: "It was, I discovered, a hierarchical structure and my initial task was to listen to people's anxieties following a huge redundancy programme of which the public knew nothing about.
The range also includes; the Amadeus e-Power Consolidator, which enables to fully manage the network and hierarchical structure with the relevant revenue management tools including secondary level service fee and mark-up settings; Amadeus SMS Solution, a web-based tool that allows travel agents to send travel information to their customers via SMS; Amadeus Instant Traveller Alert, which allows travel agents to provide customers with trip reminders and day of travel messages, advance notice of gate assignments and flight status updates.
The reviews, which were commissioned by the bank, were critical of the bank's centralised and hierarchical structure.
Scanning electron microscopy observations indicated that the superhydrophobic copolymer film had a rough surface with a binary hierarchical structure.
Amazingly, this is contrary to hierarchical structure formation," he said.
Recent views of the MNC as some kind of differentiated network raise questions about the value of a parent HQ and hierarchical structure in today's MNCs.

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