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 (hī′ə-rär′kĭ-kəl, hī-rär′-) or hi·er·ar·chic (-kĭk) or hi·er·ar·chal (-rär′kəl)
Of or relating to a hierarchy.

hi′er·ar′chi·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.hierarchically - in a hierarchical manner; "hierarchically organized"


[ˌhaɪəˈrɑːkɪklɪ] ADVjerárquicamente
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It runs Calibre(R) and Dracula(R) rule sets hierarchically and natively, and it tightly integrates into the L-Edit environment, allowing design rule violations to be identified and repaired early before they become a major problem.
Marxist feminism views feminism as a conscious intervention in the hierarchically organized regime of gender power.
Career Space suggests a ICT curriculum should consist of hierarchically organized modules consisting of sets of core modules, sets of area-specific core modules, and sets of optional modules.
Advanced Dictionary Administration - Central Coding for InForm supports unlimited coding dictionaries and versions, including the industry-mandated World Health Organizations Drug Dictionary (WHO-DD) and the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Affairs (MedDRA), as well as any hierarchically structured dictionary.
The code consisted of three categories (for verb, phrase, and speech clause); the codes are ranked hierarchically such that only one code is assigned to each of the nine scales within the categories.
More and more chips are being designed hierarchically today," said Mr.
The analyzer software can logically organize and display the protocol hierarchically at the WiMedia and WUSB levels.
Stratify organizes these concepts hierarchically based on their interrelationships and then automatically sorts the documents into relevant concept folders to provide unparalleled insight based on what the documents are actually about rather than the keywords contained within them.
0 service is Stratify's unique technology to automatically create intelligent concept folders specific to a case or matter based on the content of the document universe, organize these concepts hierarchically based on their interrelationships, and then automatically sort documents into relevant concept folders.
Kintera is helping over 80 hierarchically structured organizations achieve success online.

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