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 (hī′ə-rär-kīz′, hī′rär-)
tr.v. hi·er·ar·chized, hi·er·ar·chiz·ing, hi·er·ar·chiz·es
To arrange in a hierarchy.

hi′er·ar·chi·za′tion (-kĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˈhaɪəˌrɑːkˌaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to arrange in a hierarchy
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On the contrary, she aims to demonstrate how Lacanian theory works to break down the hierarchization of literature--how it helps to elucidate any kind of fictional production.
Until recently, characterizing the people in terms of socioeconomic, ultimately occupational determinants put aside recognition of the specificity of other criteria of social differentiation and hierarchization and also of the way these specificities are projected in the contents and achievements of popular struggles.
Such policies must take into account the social relationships that involve this reality: urban mobility patterns that privilege individual transportation; road network with conservation problems; social hierarchization of streets and traffic (10); traffic as an assertion of power and gender bias (14); labor market whose tele-delivery and transportation sector employs black and brown young people with little schooling, but subject them to death risks (23-25); worker health and corporate/market accountability for prevention (21); and pre-hospital care to RTA victims (31).
Refuting this kind of hierarchization of power, John Thompson (1995, pp.
Rabbat concludes that the Mamluk military regime was unique and that the hierarchization of space in the Cairo citadel reflected the hierarchization of Mamluk military society under al-Nasir Muhammad.
The rhetorical strategies of literary mapping -- "the reinscription, enclosure and hierarchization of space" (Huggan 125) -- for the fin de siecle imagination involved delimiting the exotic as "a space of absence, a dream already given over to the past" (22).
Since 1970, the expenditures of a hospital-centered model begin to appear with the emergence of reforms to rationalize care (community oriented care, hierarchization), including primary health care (PHC).
In 1984, the AIS was transformed into a strategy, focusing on interagency integration under the direction of the public sector; definition of actions based on the epidemiological profile; regionalization and hierarchization of services, including private ones; and decentralization of the planning and administration process, among other orientations (20).
The hierarchization of the variables allowed us to evaluate the effect of the groups of variables according to the proximity to the outcome.
The conceptual and managerial definition of this model is based on SUS principles and directives: (i) doctrinal--integrality, equality and equity; (ii) organizational--decentralization, regionalization and hierarchization; and (iii) executive --use of epidemiology, integration of health actions, environment and sanitation; organization of services so as to avoid duplicated means for similar purposes, dissemination of information and community participation.
Thus, health surveillance values the regionalization and hierarchization of services in the search for the principle of integrality (7).
This hierarchization of healing contrasts with the fact that in both ethnic groups and the rest of Mexican society disease, prevention and healthcare are in the hands of women.