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 (hī′ə-rär-kīz′, hī′rär-)
tr.v. hi·er·ar·chized, hi·er·ar·chiz·ing, hi·er·ar·chiz·es
To arrange in a hierarchy.

hi′er·ar·chi·za′tion (-kĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈhaɪəˌrɑːkˌaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to arrange in a hierarchy
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Another reason for criticizing positivist research involves the rigor regularly attributed to positivism, which is the result of adopting sophisticated mathematical tools and statistical models; this rigor is an argument that has been instrumentally used by positivists in order to hierarchize the quality of the research and to demonstrate the superiority of the work they carry out.
The authors emphasize that instead of trying to synthesize or hierarchize Benjamin's contradictory interests, one must understand them as "a constant straddling of these incommensurables, an ever-renewed wager"; no reconciliation, but an infinitely generative dialectic that has propelled critical thought to this day (9).
In fact, this silence is a result of generosity, "the generosity not to choose between loves, not to privilege, not to hierarchize, not to exclude".
Latin-American theologies, exhausted by science and philosophy that segment and hierarchize the knowledge of the oikos and tired of the neo-colonial trends that prohibit "grand narratives," face the challenge of ascertaining all the liberating passion of the oikos.
the dances on categories and to hierarchize them according to the number of nominations (figure 4).
In order to compare and, as the case may be, combine and hierarchize the laws present and the contexts in which they are implemented, it is necessary to break out of the existing categories.
This way of reasoning also outlines a move to hierarchize spheres of value, giving primacy to the intrinsically social and affective value of relationships over their economic one, internalized and re-qualified here as epiphenomenon.
Thus, silence is both an instrument and disruption of what Agamben has referred to as the "anthropological machine," or the recursive attempt to adjudicate, dichotomize, hierarchize, and stage a conflict between "the human" and "the animal" based on the putative presence or absence of language.