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Adj.1.hieratical - associated with the priesthood or priests; "priestly (or sacerdotal) vestments"; "hieratic gestures"
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The study led by Peng-Cheng in the Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a part of a larger project in developing material with hieratical structures for environmental and engineering applications.
As discussed earlier the hieratical protocols are better than flat or location based routing protocols, and the LEACH protocol is the favorite among all hierarchal protocols where it is suitable, reliable and scalable unlike PEGASIS which outperform leach in term on lifetime under certain conditions but it has some drawbacks if the data being sent come mostly from furthest node in the chain from the base station.
He uses a 'soft' ideological sale: his strategies are subtle, not hieratical. This formula allows Sciascia to link his protagonist and the positive poles of the binaries just mentioned while binding the author's polemical targets with all that is negative.
The ATC code is a hieratical ontology structure with five levels.
Therefore, the de facto hieratical structure of moderate Islamic clergy prevents moderate Muslim networks from coming up with effective strategies against Islamic terrorism.
Moreover, belittling the Islamic leaders in hieratical levels would offend the authority.
These results contradict the assumption that coordination failures would be solved by hieratical tiered structures.
In subbands decomposition, both pyroshock and laser shock signals are decomposed into the subbands using a set of hieratical bandpass filters.
Bashir's supremacy through the hieratical orders has led to lax morals and the disregard of ethical principles; to a privileged party ruling through its political apparatus.