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intr.v. hig·gled, hig·gling, hig·gles
To haggle.

[Probably alteration of haggle.]

hig′gler n.
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The higgler to whom the hare was sold, being unfortunately taken many months after with a quantity of game upon him, was obliged to make his peace with the squire, by becoming evidence against some poacher.
The sustainability of small-scale farming cannot be realized without the dynamic marketing network of women higglers. Durant-Gonzalez (1985) emphasized that higglering is a primary role of achievement for rural women.
Bell X1 - With The Academic, Festival Big Top, [euro]35 The Higglers - Monroe's Live, [euro]8 The SoulJazz - Roisin Dubh, [euro]22/24 The Pipes, The Pipes - St Nicholas' Collegiate Church, [euro]18 The Clandestinos - Seven Bridgestreet & The Loft, [euro]5/7 Mundy - Monroe's Live, [euro]20/22
The Shepley Higglers are a part of the village's history, known for travelling the country carrying samples of woollen cloth from the local mills, measuring their customers before returning to Shepley to cut it.
The tables indicate that men were involved in a wide range of activities while females were mainly unemployed persons and informal commercial traders or higglers.
Higglers in Kingston: Women's Informal Work in Jamaica, by Winnifred Brown-Glaude (Nashville TN: Vanderbilt University Press, 2011, cloth US$ 55.00)
(22.) John Taylor, The Carriers Cosmographie: Or a Briefe Relation, of the Innes, Ordinaries, Hosteries, and Other Lodgings in, and Neere London, Where the Carriers, Waggons, Foote-Posts and Higglers, Doe Usually Come, from Any Parts, Townes, Shires and Countries, of the Kingdomes of England, Principality of Wales, as Also from the Kingdomes of Scotland and Ireland with Nomination of What Dales of the Weeke They Doe Come to London, and on What Daies They Returne.
PUBNAMESJOLLY HIGGLERS * THIS Radford, Nottinghamshire pub is named after the higglers, who were wandering pedlars who brought dairy produce and poultry to town and swapped them for other goods which they then sold in the country.
Higglers in Kingston; women's informal work in Jamaica.
Higglers, pedlars, tinkers, markets and fairs are discussed and properly integrated into the larger picture.
As the economy has shifted, women working in the informal economy as farmers and "higglers," like Marta, find themselves unable to keep up with the rising costs of survival.