high dudgeon

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Noun1.high dudgeon - a feeling of intense indignation (now used only in the phrase `in high dudgeon')
indignation, outrage - a feeling of righteous anger
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A violent quarrel arose between him and Lisa, and he left the boat in high dudgeon. His first step was to repair to the tent of Mr.
Bell for you and you'll go to Sunday school tomorrow," said Marilla, disap- pearing downstairs in high dudgeon.
The jongleur had put down his harp in high dudgeon. "Am I to be preached to by a child?" he cried, staring across at Alleyne with an inflamed and angry countenance.
"Where in thunder is she?" growled Tom, walking off in high dudgeon. The quick tap of feet behind him made him turn in time to see a fresh-faced little girl running down the long station, and looking as if she rather liked it.
And slamming the door in Meg's face, Aunt March drove off in high dudgeon. She seemed to take all the girl's courage with her, for when left alone, Meg stood for a moment, undecided whether to laugh or cry.
Strome Galloway would have been in high dudgeon to read a reporter 's contention that Canadians were not fighting between Dieppe and D-Day.
Recently unearthed tapes, compliments of the dogged archaeologists at Media Matters, reveal that Carlson was shockingly jock-ish in some of his musings, causing the mind-minders to dust off their high dudgeon.
But Dundee City Council's convener of city development, Lynne Short, believes his comments display "high dudgeon".
The leavers who write in to The Journal in such high dudgeon are deliberately projecting our defects onto the EU, which is why the Leave campaign constantly discredits itself.
But in Britain, Conservative politicians and right-wing papers like the Daily Telegraph are now in high dudgeon about the alleged anti-Semitism of some Labour MPs.
It was claimed he was "swilling champagne" with non-cricket friends and had taken himself off the team's WhatsApp group in a 21st-century sign of high dudgeon.
I have been at a loss to understand so many of my fellow Africans, who have been left in high dudgeon by the remarks attributed to the man Americans elected to the White House as their public face and voice.

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