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It is alleged, indeed, that the high heels are most agreeable to our ancient constitution; but, however this be, his majesty has determined to make use only of low heels in the administration of the government, and all offices in the gift of the crown, as you cannot but observe; and particularly that his majesty's imperial heels are lower at least by a DRURR than any of his court (DRURR is a measure about the fourteenth part of an inch).
Miss Waterford, torn between the aestheticism of her early youth, when she used to go to parties in sage green, holding a daffodil, and the flippancy of her maturer years, which tended to high heels and Paris frocks, wore a new hat.
So twelve fairies came, each with a high red cap on her head, and red shoes with high heels on her feet, and a long white wand in her hand: and after the feast was over they gathered round in a ring and gave all their best gifts to the little princess.
She wore patent shoes with high heels, and white silk stockings.
That stupid high heel turned and gave me a sad wrench.
As the adage goes, "put yourself in someone else's shoes," policemen and jail guards wore high heels as a show of support to women.
THE one thing that still amazes me is the ability to walk in a straight line whilst wearing high heels.
The Department of Labor and Employment has a Department Order 178-2017 banning high heels that was well-publicized in the media-more overseas than locally, it seems.
Senator Nancy Binay on Tuesday lauded the plan of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to craft a policy that would ban the wearing of high heels in the workplace and provide female workers with rest periods from long hours of standing.
High heels often feel like the brainchild of a sadistic shoe devil.
While the data identified evidence high heels increase women's attractiveness to men, a wealth of studies also show they raise the risk of injury and developing musculoskeletal conditions.
The Heights of Fashion exhibit notes that "as clear signifiers of the female gender, high heels helped to counter arguments that the new freedoms could only be gained at the loss of femininity.