high jinx

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Noun1.high jinx - noisy and mischievous merrymaking
jollification, merrymaking, conviviality - a boisterous celebration; a merry festivity
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
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There's boating with Ratty, a feast with Badger and high jinx on the open road with that reckless ruffian, Mr Toad.
Visitors will be able to see the High Jinx pop-up theatre perform magic and illusion shows, along with stunts, tricks and acrobatics throughout the day.
Some of the high jinx we can look forward to are the unexpected when talented members set up by themselves when Michael all the contacts a celebrity's ed star, nted of the public are loved ones and find es on stage, and hael sends silly texts to tacts in y's mobile phone.
MARKET RASEN: 4.55 Cliffside Park, 5.30 High Jinx, 6.00 Ballycamp, 6.30 Classic Jewel, 7.00 Boss Dea Mottes, 7.30 Royal Ruby, 8.00 Lucky Robin, NEWBURY: 1.50 Boitron, 2.25 Raymond Tusk, 3.00 Rogue, 3.35 SIR DANCEALOT (NAP), 4.10 Sextant, 4.40 Zzoro, 5.15 Outofthequestion.
HEXHAM: 2.15 Roman Numeral, 2.45 High Jinx, 3.20 Jacks Last Hope, 3.55 Sweet Holly, 4.30 Kick On Dottie, 5.05 Apache Pilot, 5.40 Red Ochre.
High Jinx was a smart stayer at his peak on the Flat with the 2014 Prix du Cadran the most notable of his four wins, at which stage he was in training with James Fanshawe.
Tim Easterby lowers his sights with High Jinx as he reappears in the Phil Bull Trophy Conditions Stakes at Pontefract.
As the "Beast from the East" snowstorm swept across London, the Labour leader went onto the balcony of his office overlooking the Thames to enjoy the winter high jinx. Images of Corbyn's snowball fight were posted on his Instagram page.
And, yes, I accept England teams in the past have probably had plenty more tales of too much high jinx.
"He said, 'Jeff, let's put on these ski masks, creatively speaking, and knock over this convenience store and get up to all sorts of high jinx.'.
YORK: 1.55 Constantino, 2.30 High Jinx, 3.05 UAE Prince, 3.40 Collateral Beauty, 4.15 Goldream, 4.45 Theydon Grey, 5.15 Mr Wagyu.