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Adj.1.high-ceilinged - having a higher than normal ceiling
ceilinged - provided with a ceiling especially the overhead interior surface; "the large beam-ceilinged living room"
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Even personal experience of these facts was not always a protection from the chill that descended on one in the high-ceilinged white-walled Madison Avenue drawing-room, with the pale brocaded armchairs so obviously uncovered for the occasion, and the gauze still veiling the ormolu mantel ornaments and the beautiful old carved frame of Gainsborough's "Lady Angelica du Lac."
Among the 16 structures are stores, cafes and a bar including a coffeeshop made out of a huge, high-ceilinged molasses vat, where you can get your Taiwanese milk tea fix.
Just down a soi off bustling Nimmanhaemin is this nerdy little cafe set in a high-ceilinged glass building filled with displays of a bewildering number of cartoon figures from Marvel characters to Japanese anime (all locked up tight to keep our grubby fingers off them).
Apart from working around the awkward design of the gallery-it's actually a long, high-ceilinged hallway in the hotel-Rosscapili had to quickly gather artworks for the exhibit.
Ideal for relaxing, the high-ceilinged living room benefits from floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden flooring.
In a high-ceilinged room with peeling paint, a group of girls and boys in T-shirts, jeans or tracksuit bottoms take turns to perform on the tightrope to music.
Elsewhere in the high-ceilinged room, under portraits including that of Queen Henrietta Maria holding the future Charles II, Home Secretary Sajid Javid is engaged in conversation with a group including Tim Barrow, the UK's ambassador to the EU.
The main house has five bedrooms, a high-ceilinged lounge, sauna and a snooker room, which is standard for a historic upmarket property of its kind.
The high-ceilinged rooms with canopy beds have lovely views of the manicured gardens and fountain ponds, which I enjoyed while reclined on my balcony lounge seat.
Room high-ceilinged and perfectly out of old wood made new by sanding.