high-energy physics

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high-energy physics

(General Physics) another name for particle physics

high′-en′ergy phys′ics

the study of the collision of particles accelerated to high energies.
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Noun1.high-energy physics - the branch of physics that studies subatomic particles and their interactionshigh-energy physics - the branch of physics that studies subatomic particles and their interactions
flavour, flavor - (physics) the six kinds of quarks
charm - (physics) one of the six flavors of quark
strangeness - (physics) one of the six flavors of quark
colour, color - (physics) the characteristic of quarks that determines their role in the strong interaction; "each flavor of quarks comes in three colors"
M-theory - (particle physics) a theory that involves an eleven-dimensional universe in which the weak and strong forces and gravity are unified and to which all the string theories belong
string theory - (particle physics) a theory that postulates that subatomic particles are one-dimensional strings
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
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Applications include R&D, coating, semiconductor, analytical, high-energy physics, general vacuum, and other applications requiring long life and accuracy.
Physicists mostly in Germany, but also elsewhere in Europe and in the US, provide colleagues at any level from green student to grizzled gray-beard with practical advice on the various statistical analysis tasks typically encountered in high-energy physics, and the appropriate techniques for dealing with them.
In his high-energy physics laboratory east of the Texas A&M campus, McIntyre and his research team are developing a new form of green nuclear power that would extract 10 times more energy out of spent nuclear fuel rods than currently obtained in the first use, as well as destroy the transuranics - the chemical elements beyond uranium in the periodic table - lurking within the hazardous toxic soup of used nuclear fuel.
Dr Bill Brocklesby from the ORC said that a typical CAN laser for high-energy physics may use thousands of fibres, each carrying a small amount of laser energy.
It is the culmination of more than 20 years of effort of the worldwide high-energy physics community to build and operate instruments of unprecedented technology, complexity and performance: the LHC accelerator and related experiments.
might win a transatlantic race to find the most sought-after elementary particle in high-energy physics.
Unique optical, electrical, photoelectrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of the materials make them a juicy choice for various applications ranging from traditional jewelry to prospective particle detectors in high-energy physics and sophisticated quantum computers, says Ligatchev (Institute of High-Performance Computing, Singapore).
Such quantum simulation could allow researchers to tackle problems in fields such as condensed matter physics, high-energy physics, atomic physics, quantum chemistry or cosmology.
Physics Today: Some of the Office of Science's programs, such as high-energy physics and fusion energy, have lost the preeminence that came with having the top facilities in the world.
Which inert gas is used in lighting and high-energy physics research?
Lesnik, an expert in high-energy physics, developed anti-missile systems for Boeing and has a high-level security clearance, according to court papers obtained by ABC News and KFI-AM (640).
Synchrotrons may have been designed with high-energy physics in mind, but now biologists are starting to see the light too.

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