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These awards underscore RMD's pivotal role in applying material science and nondestructive technologies to new detection and analysis methods for high-energy physics research, and the detection of defects in concrete structures in nuclear power plants.
International Workshop on High-Energy Physics (30th: 2014: Protvino, Russia) Edited by V.
The subject of talks covers an extensive variety of themes in theoretical and numerical material science including conformal field theory, gravitation, and cosmology, superstring theory, the phenomenology of high-energy physics, condensed matter physics and plasma physics.
The PTI boron-coated straw (BCS) has borrowed from the powerful design of small-diameter drift tubes, employed by the high-energy physics field in the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson particle.
Applications include R&D, coating, semiconductor, analytical, high-energy physics, general vacuum, and other applications requiring long life and accuracy.
Physicists mostly in Germany, but also elsewhere in Europe and in the US, provide colleagues at any level from green student to grizzled gray-beard with practical advice on the various statistical analysis tasks typically encountered in high-energy physics, and the appropriate techniques for dealing with them.
Dr Bill Brocklesby from the ORC said that a typical CAN laser for high-energy physics may use thousands of fibres, each carrying a small amount of laser energy.
high-energy physics and particle accelerators, in a compact size.
might win a transatlantic race to find the most sought-after elementary particle in high-energy physics.
Unique optical, electrical, photoelectrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of the materials make them a juicy choice for various applications ranging from traditional jewelry to prospective particle detectors in high-energy physics and sophisticated quantum computers, says Ligatchev (Institute of High-Performance Computing, Singapore).
Such quantum simulation could allow researchers to tackle problems in fields such as condensed matter physics, high-energy physics, atomic physics, quantum chemistry or cosmology.
Physics Today: Some of the Office of Science's programs, such as high-energy physics and fusion energy, have lost the preeminence that came with having the top facilities in the world.

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