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Renovated units at the properties feature condominium-quality finishes including walk-in California-style closets, oak floors, designer kitchens with high-end stainless steel appliances, in-unit Bosch washer/dryers, private balconies (at Yorkshire Towers which features 14 corners) and newly installed "high-hat" lighting.
A Drum set generally contains at least one snare drum, a bass drum, a high-hat cymbal, a ride cymbal, and various tom-toms.
A hypnotic hammered dulcimer melody and sampled Buddhist monk chants set a meditative tone, while electronic glitches, break beats, and skittering 32nd-note high-hat patterns convey vitality and motion.
In light of what we know now, Zuckerberg's high-hat act has a bit of a creepy feel, like that guy who told you he was a documentary photographer, but turned out to be a Peeping Tom.
In Baltimore, Md., where Deford grew up, he gained a "distaste for the smug and high-hat," a cultural assessment that influenced his interviewing style.
So when I talk about saving for retirement I give them a very high-hat conversation about retirement planning, what are their goals, what would they like to see their lifestyles looking like?
Jazz Manu Katche Manu Katche Sting's drummer's fourth album for ECM is self-titled and opens with just his characteristic playing: easy, open, with a deeply musical groove, a steady high-hat holding the pace while he creates lines with a combination of snare, bass drum and other decorative cymbal tones.
The more mature Handshake almost sounded like proper grown-up math-rock, and while others from the new canon are still dogged by that ubiquitous high-hat drum pattern, there's enough variation to suggest a more engaging future.
Most of the buzz has been about their live shows, at which the brothers (joined by an unrelated bassist) play banjo and guitar with their hands and bass drum and high-hat cymbal with their feet.
Planted in Chicago house with escalating synth sparkles and warm high-hat, it expands with a heart-exploding vocal track by Sia.