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Adj.1.high-potential - operating on or powered by a high voltage; "a high-voltage generator"
high-tension - subjected to or capable of operating under relatively high voltage; "high-tension wire"
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Pakistan's top 20 high-potential exports can go up from $400 million to $2.6 billion, while Turkey's top 20 high potential exports to Pakistan can be enhanced to $2.6 billion from $200 million.
He said Pakistan's top 20 high-potential exports can go up from US $ 400 million to US $ 2,600 million while Turkey's top 20 high-potential exports to Pakistan can rise from US $ 200 million to US $ 2,600 million.
Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the largest Islamic bank in the UAE, announced the bank's recent graduation ceremony for its high-potential employees who successfully completed a 15 month long development program.
'The PHL-Efta FTA is in line with President Duterte's strategy of pursuing trade relations with non-traditional as well as high-potential trade partners.
Drawing on interviews with leaders and senior human resources officers, recent studies, and research on high-potential leaders, they explain five critical skills that differentiate high-potential leaders from others: the capacity to sense the bossAEs stylistic demands and priorities, the ability to focus on their teamAEs development and talent, the ability to succeed at difficult assignments, the ability to turn data into compelling insights, and the ability to continue learning and turn insights into performance.
WEF has branded the UAE as a 'high-potential' economy.
Others remind us that employees and customers are key stakeholders of the firm and that measures of employee engagement and customer satisfaction should be part of ongoing assessment of the progress of any high-potential leader.
We are looking for high-potential, high-growth ideas that will provide great services.
In addition, as part of our strategy we are pleased to announce that we are inviting applications until the end of October from promising, high-potential innovative startups for the next round of investment."
UAE businesses need to identify high-potential staff in workforceDubai -- One in three professionals in the UAE have the potential to be an effective leader, making the country the richest source of future leaders in the Gulf, and the 12th strongest supply globally, recent research by CEB, a leading member-based advisory, has found.
It will aim to provide a platform to empower new and existing angel investors across the Mena region and around the globe to connect with high-potential innovative entrepreneurs, to share experiences and develop their investment portfolios.
The survey found that among high-potential millennials -- those with less than $500,000 to invest but who earn more than $150,000 a year -- 55% had hired their own advisor, while 29% planned to retain the incumbent family advisor.

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