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(hī′pou′ərd) also high-pow·er (-pou′ər)
Having great power or energy; dynamic: a high-powered career track.


1. (of a rifle) of a sufficiently high muzzle velocity and using a heavy enough bullet to kill large game.
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Adj.1.high-power - vigorously energetic or forceful; "a high-octane sales manager"; "a high-octane marketing plan"; "high-powered executives"; "a high-voltage theatrical entrepreneur"
dynamic, dynamical - characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality; "a dynamic market"; "a dynamic speaker"; "the dynamic president of the firm"
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He was so made, his muscles were high-power explosives.
Grit in a sensitive instrument, or a crack in one of his own high-power lenses, would not be more disturbing than a strong emotion in a nature such as his.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 5, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation today announced that it is developing a high-power organic radical battery ("ORB") used to protect IT equipment such as desktop PCs from losing data during power supply interruption.
We specifically discuss the attenuation method for optical nonlinearity measurement that the NIST system is based upon, and we review the possible sources of nonlinearity inherent to thermal detectors used with high-power lasers.
In an innovative way to calibrate high-power laser detectors, NIST has devised a measurement system that can utilize a company's laser on location at the work site.
Multi-kilowatt high-power lasers are being used today for a wide variety of industrial applications, including materials processing, cutting, and welding.