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Adj.1.high-stepping - having or moving with a high step; "his high-stepped stride"; "a high-stepping horse"
high - (literal meaning) being at or having a relatively great or specific elevation or upward extension (sometimes used in combinations like `knee-high'); "a high mountain"; "high ceilings"; "high buildings"; "a high forehead"; "a high incline"; "a foot high"
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High-stepping horses seemed necessary to all Mr Lammle's friends--as necessary as their transaction of business together in a gipsy way at untimely hours of the morning and evening, and in rushes and snatches.
Not all the turkey-cocks in creation could match the slow, high-stepping dignity with which he paraded his own railway station and the benignant smile of condescending encouragement with which he regarded everybody around him.
HIGH-STEPPING Welsh Cobs, muscular beef cattle and carefully preened sheep: these are the things you expect to see at the Royal Welsh showground, not a beetle-like vehicular pod idling down the aisles.
(Mardi Gras was March 5 this year.) The Krewe d'Esprit Rosaire embraces its African-American Catholic history, offering area high-stepping marching bands and drill teams the chance to perform and highlight their popular showmanship skills that reflect those found at historically black colleges and universities.
IT WAS a clear evening made for hoot-owls and high-stepping young people, who believed they had all the wisdom needed to check the world's crazy spin.
74-yard touchdown about midway through the third quarter that made it 37-16 and had Swinney high-stepping down the sidelines.
Talk about starting the new year off on the right, sprightly, high-stepping foot, some exceptionally lucky and plucky starmaking roles have clinched major and potentially starmaking roles on TV, in drama series that will begin telecasting this month.
Tsessebe use a number of behaviours to establish their territory, such as high-stepping, defecating in a crouched stance, ground-horning, and grunting.
my hand before me, high-stepping slowly, hearing water
HIGH-STEPPING Insects in a traditional Turkish Zeybeks dance by Hasan Baglar in Cyprus
Named Margo, this old girl can traipse around like a two-legged, high-stepping heifer until it's time to start doing a little face stomping on the front lines of the human/robot wars.
However, the pressure to top each year's Christmas special, which featured big numbers such as BBC newsreaders high-stepping through a There Is Nothing Like a Dame routine, took a toll on Braben's health.