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Verb1.high-tail - retreat at full speed; "The actress high-tailed to her villa when reporters began to follow her to the restaurant"
flee, take flight, fly - run away quickly; "He threw down his gun and fled"
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Now, I'm no medical professional, but I can spot mumps when I see it, so I instructed him to high-tail it to the GP.
Now, I'm no medical professional but I can spot mumps when I see it, so I instructed him to high-tail it to the GP.
Instead it's time to look to the past - and for an Oxford history graduate it's a chance to showcase his extraordinary interweaving of comedy and his intellect to high-tail us back through time in a motormouthed (and, exaggerated population swings apart, wonderfully detailed) picture of British employment since the Anglo-Saxons.
He smashed his head against the windscreen but managed to jump out of the Vauxhall Astra and high-tail it behind some bushes at the North York Moors course.
But a missed cut brought a chance to high-tail it to Scotland with his family and, while there, a spark was lit.
They should high-tail it back to roots, the Naylors.
Just because there is a small issue does not mean you have to high-tail it out of UAE.
And at least one of the its executives has decided to high-tail it out of there.
Shoppers are more likely to react to rodents in a grocery store than to cockroaches, store-product pests like meal moths and beetles, or flies, the poll reveals, with 70% of shoppers saying they would complain to store management if they saw a rodent, while half would high-tail it out of there without their groceries.
Grant, and fellow Bohs' player James Keddy - himself a former Derry City star - were forced to high-tail it from the Dublin ground after a severed pig's head was thrown onto the pitch.
And 16 pigeons which were cosily nesting in the new shopping precinct have wisely decided to high-tail out.
IF YOU AREN'T CONVINCED that an image is worth a thousand words, you should high-tail it to Barnes and Noble to check out some recent coffee-table books.